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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jazzbird Sway

Tweedily Deedily Dee

Ok, that subtitle is about a robin, but you don't even know what I'm talking about anyway, so poo on you.


I have to say, the bluejay is a rather unexpected pairing with this gael.

I really wanted to make the blue part of it red. I really did. But it looked awful. Streaky blue just makes lighter blue... streaky red... makes yucky pinkish or just.. fail. So. It's blue. For a long time it looked a but Frankenstein, the bluebird part was chunked off in one section, the rhasta bit on the head and tail. I pulled it together by putting some subtle markings throughout, even the little pink collar which doesn't actually exist on the gael, but is within the style and helps pull it together. I also made the clearly all-gael edits a bit bluejay-ish too, by putting the black tips and wing markings on it. I even altered the little stringy kite things to be black and white, with a bit of pink and yellow in there.

The red on the wings ended up sort of backwards to the yellow on the gael's fins, but I liked the red on the blue much better than the yellow on the blue, so I went with it.

My favorite part is the little tear-drop bits on the yellow stripe on the tummy x3.

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