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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naturesplosion Sparkle Ippos

Holy crap edits

So one of my pairings belonged to a banned user, so Frey asked if I wanted a 'clusterfuck of sparkle awesome' pair. Of course I said yes. xD


Though I really didn't expect to get what I consider the most gorgeous custom on the site... SpringDragon's foresty oakl... Plus Fairy's usual amazing incredibleness. I have to admit I was really intimidated by this pair.

So again, I way overdid the edits again... but with this pair, it would be a crime not to. The first babby is peacock colors, branches, beads, and markings, with the lovely hair, jewelry, and fireflies of the oakl parent. I split the peacock headpiece between the two of them though, and I like how it turned out. Again, leafy branches are HARD. Yuff.. these also took me three or four tries to get right.

The peacock babby, for all it's a peacock, is overwhelmingly oakly. That one took me AGES. Emulating Spring's super-inspired-mode painting is not an easy task, and I was endlessly frustrated with my results. I put moss EVERYWHERE, and if I did it again, I'd highlight it better. Every time I look at the oakl, I see more things I should've done with the ippo, and I just have to stop looking at it because it's too pretty. The fireflies salvaged this one a bit, but it needs more contrast.

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