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Monday, February 7, 2011

My BC Application

I was accepted! Woooo!


Ok, lots of frills and and fancy patterns.

I had a really fun time with the pattern on the first one. So much of it is covered in the Soli I made up a bit of it. I also interpreted the bow a bit different. It was pretty flat, and I made it more bow-like. I split the jewelry pretty evenly, and I hate when both babbys get the same edits, so the only part I shared was the bracelet. The only particularly hard time I had with any of it were the sparkles. Sparkles don't show up well on light colors.

BC is much harder to talk about. o_o No crazy photoshop tricks when I just... paint them. So uh, ta-da! xD

and on to the Lysk pair:


One is fairly simple, the other fairly wild. The only edit on either of them is the little fin thing, so both babbys get that edit to -have- an edit.

Both babbys ended up colored similarly to their parents, though I made sure to include hearts on both, and a but of the lacer white markings on the other. My favorite part is the beak line on the second one. Lysks don't have defined beaks, so I sort of had to make one.

And finally, the cracked-out Jormu.


This one was tougher than the other two. Jormu are ugly, and for as much crazy detail the gael has, the rogr doesn't bring much to the table.

I tried to get as much of the rogr in there, giving it all the gael edits, then twisting the rogr markings in the cracked-out style of the gael. I'm particularly pleased with the the hearts.

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