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Friday, January 7, 2011

Road to Oskerado

Elderado! Elderado!

Ok, so I adore The Road to Elderado, and these guys were based on that, so I luffs them.


So two .psd's for these guys (which made my life infinitely easier) but still a very complex pairing.

Soo, they came out rather dramatically different from the parents, I really hope she doesn't hate me for this @.@

The markings on these were a little daunting at first, as mixing them up was going to be a NIGHTMARE. But; I found a very cool solution! I took both parent's markings (merged each parent down to one marking layer each) then put a mask on each. I inverted the mask for one parent, so that it disappeared. Then, I painted out portions on one, then painted in the missing portions with the other! They both ended up with the same toes and tail tips, but other than that, they're fairly well mixed up. (and very nicely if I do say so myself)

Now here's the part that they'll either love or hate... Both parents have fairly light or bright bodies, with white or light gold markings. Both of the babbys are very stark, dark, and saturated. I even overlaid a color grandient on the second. They went from Mayan to more... tribal, in a way.

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  1. If you don't already know.. I remember reading the owner's comment saying that she/he was absolutely blown away by how awesome the babies came out. :) I must agree with him/her. I am still soo in awe when looking at this.