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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tech-Elf Soli

Eldar Solis
(Eldar are the tech-y elves of the future from Warhammer 40k, btw)


So two very distinctly different sets of linework, and unfortunately, no .psd for the fairy soli. With semi-transparency in the wings... this one's gonna be a B!7@#...

With lots of work, they actually came out as a rather lovely pair, albeit a little more similar than I would've wanted, but very little could be done with the elf parent's body paint being so light, and without the .psd I couldn't increase the contrast without raping your eyes with uber-dark shadows. Without a body paint, we're stuck with only the jewelry and wing edits to use.

Funny enough, the purple babby DOES in fact haev the elfy parent's base body paint. I only pulled the cracks layer and a couple sparkle layers on hard light, but they buried it even at a low opacity. I cropped out the gems and moved them around as jewelry enhancements, and the wings were entirely going through and hue-shifting each layer. I did quite a bit of painting on the jewelry with some blending modes to try to make the jewelry emulate the textured metal look of the wings. I feel I had moderate success with this.

The second babby came very easily, and I think it came out lovely. The wings were a bit tricky, if you look closely, you can see that the fins behind the wings are actually the fairy parents, as I had to crop them directly, but matching the body color hides it well. I cropped out the efly jewelry and lightened and colorized it to give it a nice glowy cyan coloring to emulate the other cyan accents. The wing sparkles and snowflakes from the mech parent lined up quite by accident, and look great where they are.

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