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Friday, January 7, 2011


May the Thor be with you


The parent's .psd's name was Thor, so I think of it as a Thor babby, even though I don't think that's what its actual name ended up being xD. No .psd for skyshine.

So there was precious little I could do with the skyshine compared with all the intricacy of the Thor parent. Very soft, blendy layers without much definition or repeat-ability or anything. Even the colors were similar! So, I desaturated the skyshine to emulate the black body of the Thor parent, but masked out the hair, as it is very shiny and pretty on the thor parent. In order to punch it a little more (as leaving the blue lighting and all the blue markings would be the lamest breeding I've ever done) I colored the eye purple (like the shyshine's) and did a purple gradient on the lightning layer. I almost changed the hair to purple too, but coloring a pet around the eye color is always discouraged, and the lightning was pushing it anyway.

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