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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A couple of pretty pretty solis!

Fairy + Princess =?

A pretty pair, for sure. One of the very lovely fairy lantern solis even. The jeweled soli had no .psd :( But fortunately, I'd already used that one in my breeding application! So I already had all the pieces cut out. :D

Mmk. You know you're spoiled when I curl the jewelry into the tail!! Much morphing and tweaking required. On this first one, I focused on translating the pattern onto the extreme body morph, and gave it all of the jewelry. I used the butt portion of the jeweled soli to morph into a tail pattern (no small task, I assure you). I also shifted and overlaid the lantern parent's coloring to give it a nice punch of color.

The second babby looked too similar to lantern mommy with white markings, so I gave her black ones, then altered the jeweled parent's eye to fit inside the pattern. I painted the under-tail marking, and made the jewelry black. In order for the jewelry to read, I had to paint on new highlights so that they wouldn't look like the tattoo sort of markings. The jeweled parent's pattern is a very soft undertone.

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE stop making babies so pretty I have to cry in my little corner x.x you manage to make every baby prettier than the parents, which is almost impossible on this one x.x *shot*

    I think I'll just continue breeding just for the sake of having at least one done by you!

    -Snow Wolf