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Friday, January 7, 2011


So there are a whole bunch of new breeders around, so this post is going out to the new breeders :)

How to find .psd's:

Obviously, you can just search the artist email for the pet ID#, and many times, that's all you need to do. But; sometimes nothing at all comes up, or that pet showing up in a list, but not their .psd or anything. Now what?

Click on any aywas pet and change the ID # to the pet in question's ID. Seeing the pet itself will give you lots of information:

A.) The owner of the pet.
B.) The generation of the pet.
C.) If the pet has babbys.
D.) If the pet is married (sometimes married pets get missed and you've been assigned fewer babbys than it was supposed to have)

A.- So, if the pet has no other pets mentioned on the profile (no parents or babbys), just pm the owner! They will be more than happy to provide it to you if they have it, as I can't think of many people that WANT a lower-quality breeding. Sometimes you'll learn if the .psd has ceased to exist. (if they say they've submitted it, ask if they sent it to aywas.psds@gmail.com, and included it's ID#)

B.- If the pet is second generation DO NOT pm the owner. They won't have the .psd. In nearly all cases, the .psd IS sitting in the Aywas gmail, BUT, it won't be associated with that ID # because at the time it was sent in (by a breeding artist) it didn't have one! So, copy-paste the parent's ID #'s in there, and you should be able to locate the breeding/predict that babby was created with.

C.- If you STILL haven't found a .psd, but it has babbys, there's the rare chance that at one point there WAS a .psd for it, even if it no longer exists now. Open it's babby's .psd's and see if it has any usable parts from the parent (make sure you don't take anything that doesn't belong to that parent). You could even ask the person who bred it if they keep the .psd's from their breedings (I do) and see if they still have it, though it's a pretty long shot.

D.- Being married doesn't really affect whether or not it has a .psd, but it is handy to know if you need to ask whether you need to make more babbys.

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