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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Class and Sass

This pair is full of class... and sass.

Regal Scenie Pair

So this was an unusual, but obviously gorgeous pairing.


The first one, even though it's a gen 2, had no .psd :( I'm not really sure why, but it must've been sent some other way than the staff email. I had to use both of her parent's .psds to get all her pieces.

I have to say, I'm immensely pleased with how they came out :) I really adore these two. The hair didn't actually fit in with the peacock tail, so I had to pull it in on the right in order for it to squeeze in horizontally. I flipped all the white detailing to black and blue, but it looked silly on all the tail speckling, so I painted all the sparkles back to white. She has the first parent's cheeky base paint colors, which I shifted the pink paws to blue, and overlaid the peacock tail with a pink-to-blue gradient to really make it shine. I didn't care for the transparency of the hair, so I made it solid for the first one.

For the second I returned the hair transparency, but changed the color to white/blue. I also clipped out the hanging feathers and added the tail ornament to keep some presence for the second babby. I softened the blue saddle marks to give it the blendy look of the peacock parent's base paint, and all in all, I think they both turned out lovely. :)

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