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Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 Eye 2 Eyes 3 Eyes...

I seeee yooou....

Eyeclops Oakls

A nifty 3-babby pair. I had a lot of fun with this one :)

These three were a very interesting trio. One eye on one babby, two, and a third eye for the last! I think pretty clever, I hope they don't mind.

As for painting, the first and last required a bit. The first needed some additional highlight striping for the chest and tail, as well as a dark line for the tail mimicking that of the inner stripe on the tiger-striped parent, which also served to keep the tail from blending too much from the body. On the third babby I colored in the mini-spots as well as a line of dots along the throat like the demon parent, plus a few extra to meet the extra lining of the tiger parent.

All three ended up with stripes... because I liked them :P On the second babby, I took the cyclops eye and fit it over the normal Oakl eyes. The only babby to get a somewhat different color was the grey, as I'm tryyying to not go too crazy overboard with colors.


  1. Why do you keep making babies that I want to get babies from? >:|

  2. I have the WORST problem with that!

    I always want to breed with the babbys I make!!! xD