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Monday, December 13, 2010


Hooraaaay! Finally a new list!! :D :D

Asked for a double list, and ended up with a list that had been done and lost, so skip the first half.. and on to the second!

I ended up with 7 of Slash's pairs xD so, to kick off this list, the pair I call


Well, more what I call the babbys, since the first parent isn't skully.


So all of Slash's melos have very clean, easy-to-edit .psd's, so I'm a bit spoiled this round xD It also invites laziness, so I worked very hard to resist and make sure they weren't some boring mash-ups.

The first is a reaper getting on with his trendy side. I gave him a slightly brownish hint to pull out the spiral detail, and also to meld with the gold I chose for the accessories. I even gave him a gold scythe ^^. The second is the darkworld version of the blue. :3 For color I punched up the saturation and lowered the darkness, and since Slash has a bazillion of those scarf melos, I decided to change it up and make it into a collar-ish thing. Both melos required some heavy editing to get their tails detailed like their opposite parents (up bones and down fur detail). If you want to try this, do transform-warp, mush it around till it looks right, then hit sharpen until its crisp. (unfortunately that only really works well with solid colors)

And on to the next pair:

Oh oh it's magic...


The purple one actually has some unique traits from the scarf-glasses mob, so I decided to play them up.

The first I was going for sort of a blood elf warlock sort of thing. (that's what the markings on red made me think of, for all you other WoW geeks out there) Since I just did two skullyfaces on the last pair of babbys, I opted to not use the skully face on this one. There are two other pairings with the black reaper, so I'm not worried about there being not enough skullyface babbys. In both babbys I echoed the pink to yellow gradient of the markings into the hair and legs, as well as the tiger stripes of the second one. Both collar clips went gold to match the earrings, and a simple mix and match for the rest.

And another...

Bionic Gladiators


A bit of a challenge. No .psd for bionic, but the parts are fairly easy to cut out, and the blood is easy to overlay since it's on white.

the first is a very straightforward breeding. I lightened the black body white, overlaid blood, cut out parts. The most surgery was just moving around the pupil, removing the skull on the scythe, and painting a little blood over the eye. On the second one.. it's probably frowned on to paint in all that extra blood, but it just needed something. Painted in a connection from the earpiece to the skull. I used the dark bionic for a more forgiving cutout, the only small difference being the bubbles in the arm tube are in a slightly different place.

and another...

Snow cool

The final skullyface pairing.


I have to admit, I'm running out of ideas on what to do with these skullyfaces. I don't want them all to have the same traits, but its impossible to not have a handful of similar ones.

What bothers me the most is how similar the babbys are. The problem is, I didn't want to duplicate the very first babby in this post. I like each babby in it's own right though. On their own, I like the choices I made, so I suppose I'll stick with these for now. The only magic I had to pull was warping and painting the swirly design to make the first babbys tail. If I get some inspiration on how to keep them looking nice, but make them more unique, I'll do one of them over.

aaaand another one...

Rainbow Bright


Yet another scarfy melo. This time, I went a little crazy xD

So I had a novel idea... what... if we put... the glasses........... on its face?!?!?! So I did. I hope Slash doesn't hate it, but I can't stand a million clones, so if you want boring straight-up swaps, ask for a different breeder! xP

Nothing especially complicated about these apart from rainbow overlays.


I decided babby #2 was puking one too many rainbows, and revisited him:

I think he looks a little more together now. Before he was like *RAINBOW GRADIENT BLURGH* so now he's a little calmer and slightly more badass.

And anoooooother....

Tigah Tigah Tigah


So I guess when you breed two parents with glasses and scarves... then you probably want babbys with glasses and scarves.

So glasses and scarves they have. I morphed the markings on the first parent's tail to fit the second, and just played around with the many markings these two have. I painted in the black part of the first babby's hair, and added some extra tiger stripes to the second.

So I've revisited babby 2:

And I am liking him better now. I fixed several mistakes and painted a dark tail tip, and added some stripes on his ears.

aaaaand finallyyyyyy.....

Slash is going to kill me

So, yet another scarf/glasses combo.


and so two more babbys.

I really like the jade one, not gonna lie. It just has a nice bit of contrast, and I like how the patterns intermix. I didn't do anything special with it besides some rainbow glasses and tail stripe.

Aaaaand... since a whole bunch of the babbys I did are puking rainbows... I did a grey one. It had a grey mommy, and I think it looks nice. and then.... I did the unthinkable..... I FLIPPED THE GLASSES. AHHHHHHH!!!! I flipped the part that goes on the nose so it actually sits on the nose, and did some tinting... but I can't help but wonder if Slash is going to hate it. He put [mini hiatus] on his name, so he probably won't respond before I submit. Ooooooo welll ^^;;;;

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