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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm in a really terrible mood. Work was awful, and I've just gone behind the deadline to get real cash for my list... blaaaah..

Lets do some Oskes.


The first Oske might as well have not had a .psd, since the layers were merged all over the place and in really weird ways. The lines for the eyes in the hair and the necklace had lines for the mouth... anywhere that was painted was merged... I eventually just cut her into pieces and put the pieces into folders.

Since the eyes were part of the hair, I had to give the first one new eyes. I altered original Oske eyes to be as close in shape as the original, and painted in a bit of eyelash so it looked less like a crossdresser. I thought I was pretty clever to make the armbands into bracelets xP. I painted in the missing halves of the necklace too.

The second one I did a bit of painting in the hair to emulate the hair paint on the other one, which I think jazzed it up nicely. They're very PINK and BLOO, but I hope that's ok. The pink one is probably considerably more girly than they wanted, I hope they don't hate it ;_;

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