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Monday, December 27, 2010

A couple of Kyre's

So here we have a very lovely Kyre pair:


I adore the first one, as Cobweb Soli are my favorite site pet :3. The second one HAS a .psd... but... all of the colors are merged onto one layer x_x... Its almost like having no .psd, but it is better since I don't have the shading/highlights/lineart duplicated, so it still makes my life a little easier.

So, as we are told to do, if one babby- many edits, if two- split the edits. Flowers to the first babby, wings to the second. Really all the second parent had to offer is colors, so thats most of what I gave the first babby, with the nice speckling and mane highlights of the first parent. I played with the levels and lightened the body color so as to pull it away some from the color of the purple parent. I didn't intend for both babbys to be light, but the second one didn't look nearly as nice in a bold purple, and the first looked far too much like it's parent.

I may go back and change the flowers a bit on the first babby.

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