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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Babbys, Christmas, and BC's

So I just did my own breeding :3

My lovely Prongs (I made him), with Perfy's gorgeous Daisy.


Here were my results:

As per what I often do, the first is a fairly predictable mixture, and the second is more of me pushing the envelope to get some un-cloney babbys. I probably should've mixed them up a little more, but I just couldn't give up the hair or antlers... I couldn't give up the wings either, but at least I did shrink them for the second babby xD Daisy's spots are actually overlaid on the second babby, its subtle, but it gives her nice texture. Solid spots just looked out of place with the fairy-deer sort of thing.

I think they came out gorgeous, and I'll love them dearly.

I also submitted two BC breedings. I haven't applied as a BC breeder, so I'm leaving these to the mercy of the breeding system and hoping dearly for Skitty or Balu, who do AMAZING feathers and fur.

First is my Isolder and my Prongs. (both by me ^^)


Hoping for some antlered-woofy quetzals :3

Second is my Prongs and Atha's Noctua


Wanting some very saxxy antlere'd feathery griffons. ^^

Prongs is quite the pimp xD

Oh! Almost forgot!! Two of my pets accepted for the December shops!!

Also, I have three more that I entered, and Slash said that "a couple of them" were going to be in the Holiday Forest!! No idea which ones, but I really hope one of them is the Oakl @.@

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