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Friday, December 17, 2010

B&W Rions

Whew! Now time for a good simple fun one ^^

So, MBC babby Rions go:


Uuuh, so you know I can't just swap the eyes/manes right? WAY too boring.

I couldn't give them tiger stripes or anything, but I think some simple markings really help them become the gorgeous lions they could be, without pushing it to unreasonable breeding standards. The first babby got black paws/nose/ear tips, and some blue eye glow. I also put a bit of grey into the body to give it more depth, and well, it came from black and white, so grey shouldn't be a problem! I went a bit more wild with the second babby's coloring (as I often do), and bumped up the saturation on the mane by a lot. I then gave a grey (with a hint of cyan) body, jade eyes, and added a bit of freckling to give a bit more of the other color to the body.

If they aren't thrilled with these babbys, then they're boring xP (or else just don't like cyan, but oh well)

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