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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Demon Bunny Melos

So here are all of them I haven't blogged about yet:



This pairing turned out some demonic damsels. I had a partial .psd for the deadtail, and no .psd for the bunny.

I actually had a pretty hard time with this pair. I only had the tail part of the .psd, and with none of the blood, as I stole it from a previous breeding that had used the deadtail. (I hadn't gotten ahold of a deadtail .psd in time, and abysmally late as I was with this group, I couldn't wait) On the first bunny, I cut off the tail, and replaced it with the deadtail. I then desaturated the whole thing, and used a mask to color in the spots red. I painted new spots for the tail, and laid over the .png of the deadtail tongue, just masking in the bloody part. The lightning was masked out, but required a glowy bit to make it look better. The hair I took from a previous parent's .png, and masked it out and colored it red. Finally, I cropped out the deadtail eyes, painting over the eyes that were there previously.

The pink one was a bit faster, as I used a white deadtail .png to overlay the blood onto the legs, masking it out and painting over the bit where the tail was. I also cloned some of the blood onto the tail. I took the hair/horns again, but this time I made the horns white in order to give the pet more color balance, matching the white from the belly. I also painted spots onto the ears, since the bunny had had ear spots. I cropped out the bow and did a long series of adjustments to get it dark enough with enough contrast, and still have a solid color. I ended up repainting the edges because they were pixelated after cropping it out. The pool of blood was the white deadtail melo set behind the whole thing, and masked out most of it, painting out where the blood-drool intersected the puddle.

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