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Friday, January 7, 2011


Finx you very much
Ok. Cheesey I know.


Auuugh, not all that jewelry with no .psd!!! ;_; At least the angelfish has one...

Yep. All of the jewelry had to be cropped out by hand. For the first babby, it was a simple matter of just the bead accents, as I used the angel jewelry. I cut out the bright cyan legs of the bejeweled parent, and based the color scheme around that, picking and choosing angelfish layers and changing them to silver, cyan and blue.

Ok, you know when you give me silver jewelry... I'm gonna make it gold, right? RIGHT? YES! So gold it became, and all the pet with it. I masked out all of the jewelry by hand... and then (you'll be so proud of me) duplicated it, put the duplicate in the clipping mask, then put a very small drop shadow on it, so the shadow would only be within the confines of the body! *bows* I also painted several opaque layers on top of the jewelry to give it a more golden look. The rest was just more angelfish layer and coloring choices.

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