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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scene it

A couple of scenie melos

Scene it all


Both parents had .psd's (THANK GOD) I love whoever bred the first one, as all the accessories are in their own folders. I had to chop out many of the parts on the second parent, as they were merged :(

I think they came out rather cute :) Both parents had identical hair bases, but I went ahead and colored them anyway, for variety's sake. I really like that I made the first babby's body color pink. It just makes me really happy xD. The only painting on that one was a bit of striping on the tail. The second babby was a bit harder to keep good variety on, as the green parent's body paint easily gets buried under all that stuff. I cut some stripes in the black markings on the thigh so you could see a bit of her striping.

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