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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evil Alienbird Manticore

It came from Planet 9

I have to admit, this one was pretty darn fun. I almost made it a Campe though, that melo is quite birdlike.


So this was actually a really bizarre mix. I'd expect the bird to go with more of an American Romantic period sort of creepy (a.k.a. Poe), more than a 50's Sci Fi sort of deal xD.

So, I'm no Balu when it comes to creepy. I'm proud of my mixture, it's definitely my style, but it's more funny than creepy xD. Don't ever expect me to do gross. I used a texture layer and lightened it, though I've noticed it's still hard to see even then on some people's monitors.

The insi had a pair of extra legs in the middle, but the melo needed some more integration, so I gave it the little chicken legs instead xD. Lots of subtle swirl markings, pretty colors from the tail of the insi, and his creepy tongue. xD

Uh yeah. I painted the stuff >.>

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